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Hula Hoops

Choose your favorite color combination and design your hoop to define you. All hoops are handmade in San Diego by Angelica with love.

Atomic Hoops at Party Fitness


  • Hoop Dance in Lemon Grove!
    Day: Saturdays
    Time: 11am-Noon
    Location: Berry Street Park
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  • San Diego Hoop Dance


  • San Diego Maker Faire
    Days: Sat. Oct. 3rd & Sun. Oct. 4th
    Time: 10am-6pm
  • Midnight Carnival
    Day: Saturday, Nov. 7th
    More info here!
  • So what's this hooping thing all about?

    Hooping is about smiling, laughing, playing, and most of all having fun! Hooping is a great way to bring awareness to the body and mind. It is an excellent form of fitness and provides a total body workout through effective and fun techniques. Enjoying your workout is key to staying motivated while you get fit. Learn to hoop beyond your waist while improving balance and reducing stress. Explore creativity as you build confidence and find yourself in the hoop!
    Contact Angelica for more info on how you can get started hooping in San Diego today.

    Atomic Hoops is to dedicated to spreading the joy and happiness that can be achieved through hooping while encouraging a healthy and fit lifestyle. Instructor, Angelica, offers Hoopnotica® classes, lessons, and workshops to the San Diego area.
    Check out my hula hoops!